Essence of Color
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Enlightened Living with our Colors

Color is the language of the universe, Nature's own system of light.
 Color is everywhere...the blue sky, green grass, orange sunsets, etc.
The colors of the rainbow are the colors of Nature.
They are what make our world so beautiful.

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Sunlight has no color on it's own, it appears as white light.
Isaac Newton discovered, when light is passed through a prism,
it reflects the seven, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet.
Colors are light waves that are reflected & absorbed by all things.
Every color has it's own frequency & wave-length.  

But the real magic of Color happens within us. 
We perceive different wavelengths of light as corresponding to different Colors.
It is within us that the tree appears lush green, or the sky blue or the stop light red. 
Without us as observers, there would be no Color. 
Our response to Color is subjective, but when the study of color harmony is combined with
the science of psychology, our reactions can be predicted with amazing accuracy!

Each color is associated with a particular part of the body, and will affect us
emotionally, physically or mentally.

Our mood, health & happiness are all affected by the colors around us.

  Some see a color as exciting, but for others it may cause irritation.

  Some colors make us feel warm & friendly, where others make us feel cold & aloof.

   Colors in our environment affect our behavior & mood. 
We immediately begin to feel lighter & happier when we look at daffodils or pretty, pink roses,
whereas gray skies & fog make us want to stay in & be warm.

  When we are "in sync" with our Colors, we are connected on a deeper level to Nature. 
We naturally feel more clarity, confidence, peace & love.

  A personal Essence of Color Consultation will help you surround yourself with your best colors. 
It will teach you how to expand your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses

& restore balance to your mind, body & spirit.

How does Color effect us?
Red represents power, vitality & energy. It displays warmth & energizes our mood. The color red is known to ignite desire & passion, & is known to create excitement & enthusiasm for life. Red  also represents fire. is hot & stimulates the adrenals. It has a revitalizing effect, & drives toxins out of the body, but can also create too much heat, causing headaches, inflammations, fevers, high blood pressure, hot flashes, as well as anger & rage.
Orange is known as the colour of spirituality.  It is known to enhance communications, expansion, positivity, cheerfulness & interactions. Good for settling disputes & for mediation. Orange color has a cheering, inspiring effect that makes one optimistic. Too much can cause frustration, & increased irritability. As well as increasing your appetite.
Yellow is a bright & energizing color associated with sun. It stimulates the brain cells & nurtures clarity of thoughts. Yellow is considered to enhance wisdom & expansion. Hence it is recommended for study room, office etc. It stimulates the brain & nerves, & inspires one to gain knowledge & optimism. Used appropriately it can cause soothing results, and protect against infection, poisons, and pollutants.
Green is the color of vegetation, & represents growth, peace & harmony.  Green it is considered to generate knowledge & communication. It also represents mental intelligence. Lighter shades of green are good for studying & rejuvenating ideas. Green is refreshing and cool. It invigorates blood chemistry, produces calmness, & has a restful effect on the eyes. It is an optimist color. Refreshes and cleanses the body, blood & mind. Green is the color of grass, trees, plants, & open meadows and many people would gain from adding more green to their lives.
Blue color is associated with nature because it is the color of sky & water, hence blue is also associated with vastness. Light shades of blue create calm & peace of mind.  Soft blue is good for bedroom, meditation, relaxing or sleeping. If overdone, too much blue creates insecurity & pessimism. Dark rich blue colors have been known to cure spinal troubles, burns, and inflammatory problems. It can be good for chronic allergies & coughs, and it reduces phlegm.
Indigo is cool and has a calming effect on the nervous system. It reduces heat, and can be a great comforter for headaches, inflammation and fevers. It has been known to heal burns and poisonous bites. Most importantly, is has the ability to minimize and reduce heart palpitations. Indigo blue is also referred to as periwinkle and cornflower blue. It is a natural favorite for many, due to its settling and relaxing effects both internally and externally.
Violet is a cool color, but also provides gentle heat to the body. It stimulates the immune system, builds antibodies, and may be used as a germicide. Violet includes light shades of lavender and lilac as well as dark purple. Violet is a spiritual color in that it inspires us to give, & have compassion for others. If used to excess it can cause depression, circulation problems and insecurity.

Where does Color come from?

The colors we see are light waves absorbed or reflected by everything around us.

In nature, a rainbow is white light that is broken apart by the moisture in the air.

White light can be broken apart using tools like prisms or a spectroscope.

The colors of the visible light spectrum are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

White light consists of all of the colors mixed together.

The color of an object depends on how it absorbs and/or reflects light.

If an object absorbs all of the light wavelengths, it will appear black.

If it reflects all of them, it will appear white.

Colors produce significant changes in our emotions, and help create positive/negative emotional states in the mind.

Each color has its own area of influence in the body and produces physical & mental responses in that area.

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