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Color & Home
earth         water          fire           air           space

 The world is comprised of 5 basic elements....Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space.
There is an invisible & constant relationship between all the 5 elements.  
According to the ancient vedic tradition, the principles of Vastu Shastra, teach how the
 "laws of nature" affect human dwellings, & 
combines all of the 5 elements of nature to create
balance & harmony in your home & environment. 
Bringing spiritual well-being, enhanced health, wealth, prosperity & happiness to the individuals who live there. 

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The 5 elements are:
It is a big magnet with north and south poles and has centers of attractions.  
It's magnetic field and gravitational force have considerable effect on everything on the
Earth, living & non-living.

 Is represented by rain, rivers, seas & oceans, in the form of liquid, solid or gas . 
 Water is found in all life forms...plant, animal, humans.  Our blood is mostly water. 

Represents light & heat which account for day, night, the seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion & vigor.

 Is the life supporting element.  All human physical conditions & comforts are directly dependent
on the correct humidity, air flow, air pressure, composition & temperature of air.  

 Space, known as akasha, is considered the primary conductor of all energy sources within the universe.  
That includes all physical energies...sound & light, all social energies....psychological & emotional
 & all cognitive energies such as intellect & intuition.

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Vastu is a sanskrit word that means dwelling place, home or homestead. 
It comes from "vas" which means

to live,  stay or abide in. 
Term "shastra" means science, doctrine or teaching. 
Ancient stories say that Vastu was one of the greatest architectual and town planning experts from
India over 2000 yrs. ago.  

In Vastu architecture, the dwelling is considered a shrine or human temple. 
It is not merely a shelter for human beings to eat and rest.
The concept behind Vastu house design is the same as for the temple design, which bridges the
material & spiritual ways of living. 
The "open courtyard" system is used to bring the SPACE element into the home, representing the spiritual qualities required for the indweller to enjoy material prosperity as well as spiritual progress. 
The SPACE area should remain unbuilt & open to the sky, to have contact with the outer space. 
The SPACE element in the home represents consciousness.  
It is called Brahmasthanam, the center (navel) energy field of the home. 
It should remain open, quiet & is the living, breathing space for spiritual ceremonies.  
From the Brahmasthanam (center) all of the rest of the home is designed around it.

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