Essence of Color
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Colors & Stars

Each of the planets, which I call Stars, represents a certain flavor of cosmic energy that
corresponds to certain parts of our body, mind & spirit.  
The purpose of  our connection to our cosmic Stars/Colors, is to bring awareness of our true nature,
 help us understand our purpose for living & give us guidelines to creating positive pathways
 to achieving anything, including enlightenment.  
A Live Your Colors consultation is an excellent way of learning how we are connected to our Stars/Colors. 
It will clarify our strengths & weaknesses, so that we can become more harmonious with our Star's energy. 
Resulting in greater happiness, better health, success & good fortune in life.

Sun - ruby reds,fuschia & all shades of rich pink
Moon - white & pearl
Mercury - all shades of green
Venus - light shades of pink, iridescent & all shiny colors
Mars - true bright reds & rich coral
Jupiter - all shades of yellow, gold & ivory
Saturn - all shades of dark blue, navy, purple & black

SUN is the king of the stars & supplies light & heat to all. The energy of the Sun is masculine & protective. It represents the center of the cosmos as well as the center of the our light, power, vitality, & self awareness. The Sun's energy is royal, gracious, all encompassing, compassionate, dominating, powerful & encourages leadership. 

MOON-is a soft, emotional star.  The Moon's energy is feminine & nuturing & represents the unconscious mind & emotions & feelings. The Moon is adaptable, dreamy, caring, emotional. The Moon's energies give a desire for home, family & all maternal things. Good emotional strength creates good health.  Unfavorable qualities of the Moon are moodiness, anxiety & depression. It thrives on harmony inside & in the surroundings.

MERCURY - is the intellectual star. Mercurial energies represent all communications of thought, ideas & creativity. The energies can be witty, scientific, changeable & persuasive. It is a neutral star, and craves to be in balance.Too much talking & thinking can cause imbalances both mentally & physically. Mercury energy needs time to unwind, relax & balance silence with activity.

VENUS - is the charismatic & affectionate star. Her energies are feminine, sensitive, artistic, social & harmonious. She is the star of love, joyfulness, receptivity & happiness. Her natural qualities of nuturing & compassion should be balanced so one does not become overly affectionate or dependent on others. Setting boundaries & keeping healthy habits & routines are good ways to balance Venus energies.

MARS - is a fiery, masculine star. It is the star of leadership & assertiveness, but out of balance can lead to aggression, impulsiveness & war.  Mars is the warrior, with great strength & power. It's best to find balance with feminine energies of Venus & the Moon to remain even & strong. Mars loves exercise & competition, but needs boundaries & discipline. When Mars is out of balance, high blood pressure, large appetite, controlling & sexual addictions can result.

JUPITER - is the positive, harmonious, fortunate, spiritual & dignified star. It's energies are masculine, protective, expansive & influential. Jupitarians do well in law, business, financial & religious professions. Jupieter signifies husbands & children, all comforts & enlightenment. It is also a star of great compassion & desire to uplift mankind.

SATURN- is a detached, reclusive & masculine star. He demands focus, hard work & attention to details.  It is the star of practical & systematic thinking, responsibilty & discipline. It gives qualities of organization, planning, saving & security. Saturn's energy is traditional & introverted. If left alone for long periods of time, it can become unrealistic, fanatical, selfish & paranoid. Partnerships & charity are two areas that Saturn types must learn to develop.  The harsh words for Saturn are "serve or suffer”.

RAHU & KETU - are not true stars, but have great influence because of their shadowy lunar nodes. They represent our past life karmas, and take on the qualities of the house they are in. They can cause all sorts of restrictions, disharmony, unhappiness & disappointment.  But ultimately they help us break our attachments & arrange events to bring harmony & balance where it is needed. They represent high spirituality, and bring freedom & enlightenment.


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