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    Color & Gems

Throughout the ages, the healing properties of gemstones, their beauty & magic have been
recognized & desired. Many ancient cultures used gems for protection, adornment & healing.
Today we love gemstones not only for their beauty, but to promote health & healing, boast
energy & confidence, attract wealth, enhance your intuition, increase mental abilities,
 bring abundance & attract love.
Wearing a fine quality gemstone, set in high quality gold, platinum or silver
can bring the planet/Star's support and strength to your mind, body & spirit.

According to the ancient vedic tradition, cosmic energies permeate our universe through fundamental Colors/Stars. Each Color/Star has a corresponding gemstone acting as a
center of radiating energy.

Each person has a gemstone that is beneficial to him/her, based on one's Vedic astrology chart.
Gemstones are said to possess exceptional healing powers and act as physical essences, transmitting
energy from the planets/stars, which cast their influence on the wearer.

The human body is essentially a combination of minerals, light and cosmic rays emitting
from the Stars, and continuously revolves around us. These rays, can harm or benefit
different aspects of our existence. To counter-balance their negative influences and
transform them into positive ones, people are advised to wear gemstones because of their
 physical, medical, and spiritual affects.

Pure, flawless gems have auspicious powers which can bring expansion, success, enlightenment
 & protect us from disease, danger, and harmful effects; while flawed stones have the opposite affect.

As colorful as the rainbow and as sparkling as fine crystal, gemstones have captured the
imaginations and desires of men and women for ages. The pursuit of precious gems has
become the subject of legends, fairy tales, epics, and major motion pictures.
Today, more fine gemstones  are available to the average person than at any time in history.

An Essence of Color Consultation will determine which gemstone is best for you, when to put it on
 & where to wear it. The vedas say when we reach out to the Stars, they reach out to us!

                                                    Stars & Gems

Sun RUBY Leo
Moon  PEARL Cancer
Mars CORAL Aries/Scorpio
Mercury EMERALD Gemini & Virgo
Venus DIAMOND Taurus & Libra
Jupiter YELLOW SAPPHIRE Sagittarius & Pisces
Saturn BLUE SAPPHIRE Capricorn & Aquarius


  • Wearing a diamond can enhance intelligence, protect our health and give physical courage.
  • Diamond is governed by Venus, and will have positive effects for people born under the signs of Taurus, Libra.
  • Wearing a diamond can bring success & happiness in married life & monetary gains.
  • In ancient times, a diamond worn around the waist by a pregnant woman ensured a safe and easy delivery.
  • They guar against sexual disorders, swellings, while protecting one from negative influences.
  • Diamands are best set in platinum or silver, worn on the ring finger or in a pendant


  • Wearing a ruby boosts self-confidence and decision making powers.
  • Rubies are governed by the Sun and are best for Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.
  • Rubies preserve youthfulness and vitality. They can control high blood pressure, and prevent cardiac problems.
  • Wearing rubies may be remedy for miscarriages, and they are known to control blood disorders. They are also a cure for insomnia and peptic ulcers.
  • Rubies are best set in yellow gold. 
  • This luxurious gem emits light in darkness. Besides its healing powers, it is also the backbone of the US Laser Defensive System.
  • Rubies are best set in yellow gold and worn on the ring finger or in a pendant.


  • Blue sapphires bring good fortune to those born under the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra as they are governed by Saturn.
  • They are known to develop spiritual consciousness, and guard against depression and anxiety.
  • Blue sapphires bring protection from negative tendencies, strengthen the mucsular system, and protect us against natural disasters.
  • High fevers can be brought down by putting a sapphire on the patient's chest. Nose bleeds also stop when a sapphire is placed on the forehead. The elixir of sapphires is a proven remedy for poisonous bites.
  • Blue sapphires are best set in white gold, platinum or silver. And worn in a ring on the middle finger or a pendant.


  • Emeralds are governed by Mercury and work best for people born under the birth signs of Gemini and Virgo.
  • An emerald ring worn on the little finger, brings proficiency in academic subjects where logic is required.
  • The emerald's unique effects provide remedies for gastric problems, blood-sugar, kidney troubles, as well as helping in breaking down kidney and gall stones.
  • Emerald wearers also feel an increase in the energy level.
  • Emeralds may be set in white or yellow gold, worn in a ring on the little finger or a pendant.


  • Wearing yellow sapphires are governed by Jupiter, and are best for the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • Yellow sapphires protect one's health, creating optimism and joyfulness. And excellent for accumulating wealth.
  • In ancient times they were worn by those wanting to get married and have children. And also to sustain harmony and longevity.
  • They are best if set in yellow gold, and worn on the first finger or in a pendant. 
  • Yellow sapphires protect the liver, bile & fat levels in the body. They control acne, and other skin related problems. As well as promoting good moisture and fatty balance for a youthful complexion.
  • Yellow sapphires are also known to inspire and elevate one to spiritual pursuits and advancement.


  • Wearing excellent quality deep red coral is governed by Mars and is best for Aries and Scorpio signs.
  • Coral may vary from deep red, to medium peach, to light pink in color.
  • Coral is known to protect the blood, and said to be good in purification and eliminating toxins.
  • Coral may protect one from fevers, measles, anemia, menstrual irregularities and other blood disorders.
  • In ancient times Coral was known to be a protector for women from any form of harm.
  • Coral can be worn in beads in a necklace, bracelet or in a ring.


  • Wearing Pearls is best for Moon signs of Cancer.
  • A strand of pearls worn in a necklace is said to protect the lungs and regulate breathing.
  • Pearls are also known to protect the mind from negative influences as well as soothe the emotions.
  • In ancient times pearls were used to regulate the length of the menstrual flow.
  • They also may be used to relieve depression, lethargy and strengthen health and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Pearls are said to be good to strengthen bones and joints.
  • Good quality pearls may be worn around the neck or on the finger.
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