Essence of Color
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Colors from Jupiter

Jupiter is the ruler of the gods & the guardian & protector. 
 It is associated with growth, expansion, prosperity & good fortune. 
It governs travel, higher education, religion & law. It urges freedom & exploration
 & all humanitarian efforts. 
It is regarded as a great benefic. It is associated with children & husband.
Jupiter is known as the star of enlightenment.

Jupiter is the ruling star of Sagittarius, good for Pisces & exalted in Cancer
  In Vedic astrology Jupiter is known as the Guru or great teacher.
 The day for Jupiter is Thursday.
The colors for Jupiter are ivory, yellow to rich golds
 The gem for Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire

Good professions for Jupiter are judges, politicians, ministers, consultants, business owners.
In the body Jupiter is associated with the liver, pituitary gland, and disposition of fats.
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