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Colors from Mercury

 Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods, noted for his speed & swiftness.
Mercury represents all mental thinking....rational, reasoning, as well as adaptability & versatility.  
It governs education, transportation, & all forms of communication...
postal,  computers, email, telephone, etc.
Mercury is naturally curious, vivacious. 
It likes to examine things, and is an innovative force for change & looking for new ways
of doing day to day tasks.

Mercury is the ruling star of Gemini & exalted in Virgo.
The day associated with Mercury is Wednesday.
In Vedic astrology it is called Budha which means intelligence.  

The colors for Mercury are all shades of green.  Emerald is the best gem.

The best professions for Mercury are writing, journalism, editors, media professions
& talk show hosts.
 In the body Mercury is associated with the nervous system, the brain,
respiratory system & the thyroid. 

Three to four times a year, it appears to stop in the sky and travel backward
for approximately three weeks. 
This retrograde motion can create difficulties for those of us who live, labor, & love
in the tech age of high-speed connectivity. 
Mercury retrograde can also cause difficulties in everyday life like losing your keys,
forgetting to feed the cat or get enough gas for th
e trip.  
These times can be good for reflecting  on your life, goals & plans for the future.
Consider cleaning closets, catch up on paper work & setting goals. 

To minimize frustration during this period:

  • - Avoid making big decisions or signing contracts.
  • - Finish half-done projects. Rather than taking on something new, tie up any loose ends.
  • - Hit "save" on your computer frequently & back up files.
  • - It's a great time to research making a significant purchase such as a home, appliance or a car, but don't put any money down yet.
  • - Have a sense of humor. Mercury is known as the "trickster" & problems you encounter during this period probably aren't as dire as they seem, & may vanish when it moves forward!
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