Essence of Color
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Colors from the Moon

The Moon is the Earth's companion Star.  It orbits the earth in about 28 days.
It transits each of the 12 signs for 2 1/2 days each. 
It represents our unconscious mind, feelings, moods & sensitivity
It is associated with mother, maternal instincts, nurturing, the home & our emotions.
It represents purity, love & devotion.

The Moon's energy is feminine & the symbol of Yin.
The Moon is the ruling star of Cancer & exalted in Taurus.
The day associated with the Moon is Monday.
The Vedic name for the Moon is Chandra.
The gem for the Moon is pearl .
The color for the Moon is white.

In the body, the Moon is associated with the digestive
system, stomach, breasts, ovaries & length of the menstrual cycle.

When we are out of sync with the energies of the Moon, it causes moodiness, depression, detachment & other disturbances of the mind & emotions.



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