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 Rahu & Ketu
Rahu & Ketu are the vedic names for the north & south nodes of the Moon,
and are known as shadowy or invisible Stars.  
They are considered enemies of the Sun & Moon because certain times of the year
(during conjunctions or oppositions) swallow up the Sun or Moon causing either a solar or lunar eclipse.  
They represent past life karmas, give information about our life's purpose, and are
important indicators of our soul's evolutionary path.

Rahu is the north node.
 In vedic terms it is called the head & represents where we are headed in this life.
Rahu determines the conscious effort we must have to fulfill our goals. 
And by knowing this, it brings

resolution to the unfinished business coming from Ketu (past). 
It challenges us to take only the best from the past to create a better life this time. 
Rahu stirs up fears & causes us to go through many personal transformations. 
The goal of Rahu is to harmonize the influences of Ketu (past) to give us deeper insights
 & directions to living this life with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

 Rahu wants to teach us how to grow from the past into this lifetime.
  It is associated with spiritual growth as well as causing indulgence or obsession for material attachments. 
 It can bring fame & fortune, as well as disappointments & misery.
  It can cause material loss in order to force a more spiritual outlook.
 Harmonizing Rahu & Ketu is a good way to balance your karma, and reach deeper levels of
your soul's desires  for enlightenment.

  Professions associated with Rahu are aviation, astronauts, gamblers, those associated with
explosives, explorers & those who like serpents.
 The colors associated with Rahu are dark blues and black. 
And one is encouraged to wear lighter colors to offset negative influences.

Ketu is the south node.
In vedic terms it is called the tail & represents the direction we're
coming into this life from.  
Ketu represents both good & bad karma, spirituality & supernatural influences. 
It signifies the spiritual transformation of  the material into spirit. 
  Ketu causes sorrow & loss, at the same time turns the individual towards God. 

 Ketu carries impressions left on the soul from past lives, both negative & positive.
  It gives insights as to the behaviors & patterns you have come into this life with. 
  Good qualities from the past, will make it easy to achieve your goals this time.
 But negative patterns & habits have to be 'cleaned up' through change and transformation of Rahu. 
  Ketu is the indicator of intelligence, wisdom, non-attachment, insights & psychic abilities. 
 One can achieve great heights in one lifetime, most of them spiritual,
based on where it is placed in your chart.

One is encouraged to wear a cat's eye gem to offset the negative influences of Ketu.
 The professions good for Ketu are spiritual leaders, great teachers, sages,
saints & those aspiring enlightenment.

  The colors associated with Ketu are deep reds & violets.  It's wise to use softer lighter shades
to offset negative influences.

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