Essence of Color
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Colors for Saturn

  Saturn is known as the god of agriculture, founder of civilizations & social order.
 The rings of Saturn represent man's limitations. 
It governs authority, conformity, duty, discipline & responsibility.
Saturn can be reclusive & introverted. 
The great "Return of Saturn" which happens about every 30 yrs.,
usually marks significant events in one's life.
It is know as the 'stern disciplinarian' because it teaches us great lessons. 
It is the star of silence & transcending & therefore important for enlightenment.

Saturn is the ruling star of Capricorn & Aquarius, and is exalted in Libra.

In Vedic astrology it is named Shani or Sani & discipline &  longevity.
 The day for Saturn is Saturday.
  The colors of Saturn are navy, rich dark blues, purple & black.
The best gem for Saturn is Blue Sapphire

  Good professions for Saturn are scientists, researchers, land developers, yoga & meditation teachers
 policemen & persons of authority. 
Saturn rules the bones, ears, spleen, bladder & phlegm
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