Essence of Color
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Colors from the Sun

The Sun is the star at the center of our solar system.
It represents light, consciousness & day.
It is the ultimate planetary symbol of yang, which is the active energizing
principle & source of all action.

It travels through the 12 signs on it's annual journey, spending about a month in each sign.

The Sun is a royal Star & the King in astrology. 
It represents the ego, personal power, pride, vitality, creativity & life force.
In Vedic astrology it is called Surya, represents the soul, father, kingship & high status.
The day for the Sun is Sunday
The gem associated with the Sun is ruby
The colors for the Sun are ruby reds, bright rich pinks & fuschia
The Sun is strongest in the signs of Aries & Leo

The Sun is associated with the heart, circulatory system & the thymus.

If the Sun's energy is out of balance in our lives, anger, aggression, high blood pressure
& heart problems may arise.

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