Essence of Color
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Colors from Venus

Venus is the "sister star" to Earth & shines brightly due to her close proximity to the Sun.  
She is the only star named after a Roman goddess of love & beauty.

She is feminine, receptive, sensual & is associated with harmony, comfort,
affections, sympathy & compassion.
She governs romantic relations, marriage, sexuality & reproduction.
She is generous, kind & wants to make things harmonious. 

She is the star of the artist, the dancer, the poet, the fashion designer, etc. 
She offers personal expression through all forms of art. 
  Good professions for Venus are all of the arts, music, beauty, fashion,  & social media.
Venus is the ruler of Taurus & Libra  & is exalted in Pisces.
The day for Venus is Friday.  
The Vedic name for Venus is Shukra meaning wealth & prosperity

  The best gem for Venus is a diamond.
The colors of Venus are light to medium pink, all pastels in every shade.
All shiny things represent Venus too.

In the body Venus is associated with the lumbar region, the veins, throat, parathyroids & kidneys. 
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